700,000+ keywords scraped from Google

So the first part of my weekend project was to scrape a ton of keywords from google. They’re available in csv format on the mediafire link below:


Here’s a screenshot of the first file:

Have fun with this!



  1. FireFlame said

    Thats so great! 🙂
    Thanks you very much.

  2. FireFlame said

    Sry, i forgot to ask: But what is the meaning of “bid”, “competition” and “gravity”? I don’t understand it.
    Thanks and greetings, FireFlame

    • Bid is the price that the google keyword tool returns

      Competition is an estimate of AdWords competition on a scale of 1-10

      Gravity is a term I use. All it means is the traffic multiplied by the bid price. It allows me to sort the list by profitability.

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