Get a high traffic, high price, low competition keyword with one magic click

So you might have seen my post about my list of over 700K keywords scraped from Google. For the “best” 150K or so (so far) I’ve added in search result data and data pertaining to whether any common web2.0 properties have been able to acheive top 10 listings (think ezinearticles, associatedcontent, etc).

I was inspired by checking out SENuke and while recognizing that it’s good software, I still wish I just had some sort of magic button I could push that would hand me a profitable untapped niche. So I created that button.

You can check it out here at

And you all know I love screen shots, so here’s one of the basic interface. As you can see, it’s very easy to use.



  1. Dude, your tool is really awesome..
    I have found a goooooooooooooooooooood niche that have thousand of search monthly and have only few competitor .. It’s also have affiliate program promote the product. I will monetize this niche as soon as possible.. Thank you dude.. 😀

  2. Asmith said

    Great tool! I found 2 new keywords immediately to work on tonight. Thanks so much.

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