GimmeANiche is doing well!

Well, I was originally rejected by AdSense because my site was “under construction”. I went ahead and posted on their help forum and surprisingly I woke up to an approved account this morning. Google really always does go above and beyond. I had a frustrating time trying to find people to e-mail to explain that the site is just small but very targeted and fully functional. Thanks Google!

Anyway, there’s a few more things I’ve noticed about the site. First off, the forum reviews are great. It seems like a lot of people are actually using this tool as a starting point for their niche research. This makes me very happy. The only negativity I’ve seen has been complaints that the site is down from time to time. I’m not doing huge volume, so this really shouldn’t happen. I’m thinking about switching from GoDaddy to another host. They don’t even have cpanel (and I don’t think they even have fantastico but don’t quote me on that) and it takes a long time for things to get set up. I joined sunday and JUST got FTP access.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that as of yesterday my traffic is about 80% direct referral. I guess people do mean it when they say they’re using it. Average time spent on site is over 2 minutes. Not bad for clicking through until you find the niche you’re going to use.

Another thing I noticed is that Firefox has about 80% of my browser market share, followed by Chrome with about 20% and then Internet Explorer with only 8%. I’d say those statistics are refreshing, wouldn’t you?



  1. Sakana said

    Thanks for sharing this tool with us, Dan!

    I picked up few high paying KWs with ease and its pretty accurate the little sucker :o)

  2. yes, your tool is amazing. 🙂

  3. Marcus said

    Awesome revolutionary tool! Does it provide “live” results for volume and competition? Or these data is stored in your database and never changes?

    • Thanks! It doesn’t provide “live” results, they’re all stored in my database. The rate limiting is way too strict now (probably because of this) to provide “live” results but in any case it should give you a good idea of the values of these keywords. It’s focused more around things that aren’t going to change much, not trendy stuff.

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