Gimme a Niche is being updated, passing 500k mark

Just a bullet list of things being improved.

  • It takes a long time to import my local db of search results onto the server so I made it a hell of a lot quicker, but it’s still going to need some time for the initial run. After that updates will be much quicker and more frequent.
  • After this next update is finished, I’ll have over 600K keywords available with search result data.
  • I have *almost* a million keywords (without competition data) and with the new loader I should have them all loaded in quick.
  • The big G put a strict rate limit on my scraping method. I think I’m the only one who’s done it so far and some engineer must have noticed. This is actually the second time I’ve done this, I just only did 250k the first time. I can still get more, but I’m shuffling some things around and can’t go as fast as I did before, which wasn’t even that fast.

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