My DoFollow backlinks guide page

The accusations are true. I ripped Angela Edwards links. I never bought her service or got any warez copies of her pdf’s so anyone who is going to be accusatory can forget about it.

What I did was write a script that takes a well linkspammed URL (like her GoArticles articles for example) and extracts all the backlinks. Then it (very slowly) checks each of these backlinks to see if the link to the article is still there. If it is, it checks if it’s nofollow. I’m finding that about 70% of the time they are nofollow. Anyway, if they’re dofollow, it adds the domain and example to my database. My page is manually updated from an HTML dump generated by the database.

So no, I didn’t steal anything. I just mined some good data.


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  1. Marcus said

    Dan, you are a so great guy. I’ve been serching for such kind of things forever. I hope you will continue to search for new links. You can also use her usernames and search them on google and it will give a great number of her backlinks. And yur niche research tool is worth a fortune. It’s so revolutionary!

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