How I just got a free $50 AdWords credit

Ok, first I got an account at a hosting company I wanted to use anyway. I saw an ad somewhere offering a $25 coupon code for entering “slickdeals” so I was very happy. Little did I know that it would come with a $50 AdWords credit.

So click this link and use the “slickdeals” coupon code

Now buy a hosting account. Just spend less than $25 and you won’t pay a dime. I’m not sure how long this promo is running.

When you get your account setup emails log into your cpanel ASAP. At the top left you should see this:

Just click on Redeem Now and copy the code.

Next, you want to log into your AdWords account and go to Billing -> Billing Preferences. Enter the code right in the bottom. It will accept the code and you will have $50 credited to your account.


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$25 off (free month, domain, whatever) at Hostgator

Just use this blatant affiliate link and the coupon code “slickdeals”

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Video on how to use GAN for niche research

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Content Rewriter / Article Spinner has a new beta

Check out my article spinner / content rewriter/

It does allow nested brackets up to 10 levels deep. I might increase that to 20 or something. That’s totally arbitrary. This version is much better. Here’s some features:

  • You can now select text and automatically put brackets around it
  • When you double click a word, synonyms are loaded automatially
  • When you double click a synonym, it’s added to the innermost set of words you’re working on

THE BAD PART is I still don’t have the parts of speech right. For example, a synonym for “marketing” is “advertise”. It’s better than nothing but I’m looking for a source that will allow me to create a database where “marketing” would return “advertising” as opposed to “advertise”.

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Gimme a Niche is being updated, passing 500k mark

Just a bullet list of things being improved.

  • It takes a long time to import my local db of search results onto the server so I made it a hell of a lot quicker, but it’s still going to need some time for the initial run. After that updates will be much quicker and more frequent.
  • After this next update is finished, I’ll have over 600K keywords available with search result data.
  • I have *almost* a million keywords (without competition data) and with the new loader I should have them all loaded in quick.
  • The big G put a strict rate limit on my scraping method. I think I’m the only one who’s done it so far and some engineer must have noticed. This is actually the second time I’ve done this, I just only did 250k the first time. I can still get more, but I’m shuffling some things around and can’t go as fast as I did before, which wasn’t even that fast.

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My DoFollow backlinks guide page

The accusations are true. I ripped Angela Edwards links. I never bought her service or got any warez copies of her pdf’s so anyone who is going to be accusatory can forget about it.

What I did was write a script that takes a well linkspammed URL (like her GoArticles articles for example) and extracts all the backlinks. Then it (very slowly) checks each of these backlinks to see if the link to the article is still there. If it is, it checks if it’s nofollow. I’m finding that about 70% of the time they are nofollow. Anyway, if they’re dofollow, it adds the domain and example to my database. My page is manually updated from an HTML dump generated by the database.

So no, I didn’t steal anything. I just mined some good data.

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A fantastic whiteboard friday

I always love whiteboard content and there’s so much nonsense that gets spewed on the webmaster forums about it. Here’s a great explanation of how everything actually works. Consider this stuff as I work on and release my new content rewriter.

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday – Dealing with Duplicate Content

The kicker comes in around 12 minutes. The answer I always get into fights about on forums. Finally I can use Rand as my source because people just don’t seem to get it otherwise.

If you do have a page that is unique, but syndicate a piece of content, or cite something from somewhere else you will NOT be penalized. Everybody take a deep breath and stop worrying. White hat guys, breathe a sign of relief and black hat guys get to work on figuring out ways to churn out unique content ( or focus on hitting the other metrics hard to get your stuff ranked ).

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